Four words your teen needs to hear to kick start the new school year

    As the new term starts in January, many students and parents feel a sense of dread. Let’s break down what’s happening:

    Mock Exams: They’re just around the corner.

    Reluctance to Return: Many students don’t want to go back to school.

    Dislike for School: Some students just don’t like school.

    One of my 5th year students said she preferred ‘staying in bed and doing what she wants’ rather than going back to school. So, what can you do if your teen feels the same? Here’s a strategy:

    Moving Beyond ‘Suck It Up’: The old approach doesn’t work with many teens today.

    My Solution: Choice Theory. Give them two options.

    Shane Parish, author of “Clear Thinking”, suggests we have two modes:

    Hard Mode: Adding fuel to the fire.

    Easy Mode: Using water to extinguish it.

    I like to think of these as ‘the hard way’ and ‘the easy way’. When your teen doesn’t want to go back to school, give them these choices:

    1. Ask Them: “Do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way?”
    2. Another Option: “Do you want to add fuel to the fire or use water?”

    Giving someone a choice makes things easier. It leads to:

    Ownership: They feel more in control.

    Motivation: They are more likely to engage.

    Reduced Tension: It eases the situation.

    Let’s do it the smart way today. Remember:

    Starting is the Hardest Part: The first day back is the toughest.

    It Gets Easier: Once they start, it becomes simpler.

    Encourage your teen to start the smart way and keep raising the game!

    Ray Langan

    Ray Langan

    I help students and young people go from anxious and overwhelmed to calm and confident (and get better grades than ever before). I show students how to study smarter and learn faster using my unique methods. I am an award winning speaker, coach and therapist and I can help you help your teen to RAYSE THEIR GAME.

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