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Help your teen go from anxious and overwhelmed to calm and confident (while getting better grades than ever before) with

ELEVATE High Impact Coaching Programme

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Struggling with high anxiety

If your teenager is struggling with high anxiety, lack of focus and they do not know how-to-study, our ELEVATE High Impact Coaching Programme is exactly what you are looking for

Teenagers are five to eight times more likely to experience syptoms of an anxiety disorder than young people were during the Great Depression and WWII. This generation of teens are the most anxious generation ever. Many lack motivation, drive and focus. Social media and screen addiction is having a massive impact. This Generation known as Gen Z need something different. This is why you need RAYSE THE GAME.

Is your son or daughter struggling?

  • Do they NOT know how to study?
  • Are they not getting the gardes you know they can achieve?
  • Are they struggling with anxiety?
  • Do they spend a lot of time on their phone?
  • Do they feel isolated and struggle to fit in?
  • Are they having difficulty applying themselves?
  • Are they working hard but not getting the results?
  • Do they lack the tools and techniques to study more effectively?
  • Are they not engaged in their school work?
  • Have they no focus or concentration?
  • Do they have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD?
  • Do they need extra support?
  • Do you need an outside voice and a new direction?
Struggling with high anxiety

The 4 Pillars of Coaching

To motivate teens we use our 4-Pillar Process:

Study Skills

I teach your son or daughter the study skills and techniques to learn faster & organise high volumes of material.


I specialise in motivation and light that inner fire so each student is more engaged, focused and determined to get ahead.

Anxiety Management

I teach students the tools to cope, deal with stress and anxiety; and thrive under pressure.


I hold students accountable so they get the work done with weekly check-ins.

Meet Ray

Over the last 6 years, RAYSE THE GAME has become the in-demand motivational study skills programme in Irish secondary schools with over 70,000 students participating in events. Ray is a highly sought-after School Motivational Speaker, Study Skills Coach and Teen Mentor. He is also a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist (IACP) specialising in teen anxiety. Helping teenagers achieve their potential is his passion. Ray is also Garda vetted by the IACP.

Programme Content

Key lessons include:

  • Week 1 Introduction and Goal-Setting
  • Week 2 Organisation Strategies
  • Week 3 Effective Note-Taking
  • Week 4 Active Reading
  • Week 5 30-Minute Study Sprint Method
  • Week 6 Memory Techniques
  • Week 7 Time Management
  • Week 8 Technology Use and Management
  • Week 9 Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Week 10 Exam Day and Performing To Your Potential

What you get in our ELEVATE High Impact Coaching Programme

Study Plan

Study Plan

One of the keys to exam and school success is to have a study plan. We call our study plan the Game Plan and this sets out exactly what our goals are and what a student needs to do to achieve success rapidly and concisely. This will ensure your teen:

  • Has clear goals and targets
  • Is more focused and driven
  • Creates a timeline to help them look at the big picture beyond school which helps create motivation and drive
  • Becomes more organised and future-oriented

Learner Profile

Here I help a student discover their dominant learning style and how their brain works. This is a game changer in terms of study and academic performance. This can also have a big effect on their choice of future career. Here your child will learn:

  • Whether they are visual, auditory and/or kinaesthetic and how this can help them learn faster and more effectively
  • Left and right brain fundamentals and why this will help them speed up their learning
  • Key study strategies for left, right and whole-brained learners which means they have a variety of study techniques
  • How to unlock their creativity and have more fun when learning and studying
Motivation and Mindset
30-Minute Study Sprint

30-Minute Study Sprint

Here students will learn how to do a 30-minute study sprint. This will have a big impact on their ability to overcome procrastination and overwhelm by being able break subjects down into small manageable chunks. Here your teen will learn:

  • Why 30 minutes is so powerful in terms of productivity
  • My exact formula on how to rip through a topic in less than 30-minutes
  • How to speed read and pick out key information and decipher what is important versus what is not important
  • Why annotating is more powerful than highlighting
  • To save hours of wasted time writing out notes and be able to create my powerful 1-page summaries called WHIZGRIDZ
  • How to organise each subject by focusing on hot topics
  • My study success formula for exam success

Time and Productivity

Most students do not know how to organise themselves in terms of their materials and time. Many sit in their room for hours and don’t know how to make this time count. They might be working hard but they are not getting the pay off in terms of exam results for the amount of time invested. In this part of the programme your teen will learn:

  • Key organisation skills and how to organise their materials, space and time
  • How long you should spend on homework versus study
  • How to time block and be more efficient with their time so busy students will be less stressed and more confident coming up to exams
  • My morning routine so they can get up early and start achieving quickly
Time and Productivity
Anxiety Tool-Kit

Anxiety Tool-Kit

1 in 3 teenagers today has some form of anxiety disorder. 67% of young people get very anxious around exam time and this can inhibit exam performance. In this section, each student will learn my powerful 3-Second Turnaround Technique to manage their thinking and anxiety more effectively. This will result in a calmer mind and a more confident student.

Monday Motivation Calls

Each student can join our Monday Motivation Calls where we look at a different technique or strategy to help your teen maintain drive, accountability and focus. These take place at 6pm and students love the energy and vibrancy. We also create monthly challenges to keep students engaged and raise motivation levels. Calls are recorded and put into the portal if students cannot attend the live call.

Motivation and Mindset

Bonus 1: Get access to our Anxious2Awesome programme

Here I teach students different tools and techniques to manage anxiety and stress. Each call is held on a Monday from 6.30pm-7pm. Students can leave their cameras off. Throughout the programme, they will learn many strategies to deal with lots of different issues such as anxiety, social phobias, overthinking, procrastination, perfectionism, jealousy, insomnia and become more assertive and confident.

Bonus 2: Access to Parent Pep Talk

Parental anxiety is at an all-time high. Many parents feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious, and desperate. Our Parents Pep Talk is a lively engaging, informative and positive keynote. The focus is to explore why Gen Z today are the most anxious teenagers ever, why parents are contributing to this anxiety and strategies to help parents help their teens be more resilient, less anxious and more motivated. Parents come away with a real sense of positivity, empowerment, and reassurance. You will get access to this to this programme when you register your teen for the ELEVATE High Impact Coaching Programme.

Join my ELEVATE High Impact Coaching Programme now and help your teen get ahead in school, study and with their exams.

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How is the program structured?
Is it all delivered online?
Will they engage if it is online?
What are your qualifications?
How does the 1-2-1 sessions work?
How do the Monday Motivation Calls work?
What is the Anxious2Awesome programme?
What if my teen cannot make Mondays?
Why do parents have to be coached?
What if my teen is too anxious to go on the Zoom calls?
What happens after 3 months? Is there a follow-up?

Student testimonials

I wasn’t able to study before but now I understand how I can focus and improve my work.

Hedi, 17

This programme is a refreshing approach to studying, it’s very motivating because it’s not a teacher or parent nagging down your neck, it encourages and reminds me to study and I look forward to Monday nights.

Katie, 17

I wasn’t a fan of study and the way I did it but with the techniques you showed me it made it easier and that bit more enjoyable.


I found it very hard to pick out the key things to learn so I would be learning everything on the page but now I’ve learned to skim through it and pick out the key things that i need to talk about.

Eoghan, 15

I was very disorganised before the quantum leap but now I have so many tools to be able to be able to improve.

Sophie, 18

I have improved focusing on study and my grades have improved.

Cian, 14

I can study now I couldn’t concentrate long enough to learn about anything now I can because I have improved concentration.

Shona, 15

I learned that there is no one fits all when it comes to study, different methods for subjects and people. I have to find what works for me.

Cadhla, 17

I have so many more study techniques which helped me to motivate to study and try new things. With anxiety with school it helped me less worried or nervous.

Shaurya, 14

I was unmotivated and distracted before but the Monday nights keep me focused and top up my motivation.

Sinead, 17

Before this program I was struggling to motivate myself to study but this program helped me start. This eventually led to decent grades but I felt more motivated at school.


Help me focus and break down study for revision helping me achieve more.

Josh, 13