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Need a Fresh Approach to Study Skills and Wellbeing?

Get rayse the game 360

A new 6-module programme combining study skills, motivation, anxiety and wellbeing.

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We can help with RAYSE THE GAME 360

A new 6-module programme combining study skills, motivation, anxiety and well-being.

Rayse the Game 360

“My students loved this programme and so did my teachers.”

~ Siobhan Cullen, Elphin Community College

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What makes RAYSE THE GAME 360 different?

  1. 360 Approach combining motivation, study skills, anxiety and wellbeing.
  2. 30 ‘plug-in and play’ EDUTAINING video lessons with Ray leading each lesson
  3. Schoolwide license with a 130-page digital workbook so you can split modules across different year groups
  4. More engaged students learning through videos, stories and games
  5. Less pressure on teachers to deliver content and more focus on facilitation
  6. Access to digital portal so classes can be run in school or at home
  7. Join our Teacher Tribe on Facebook; and get access to our teacher training videos and lesson plans on the portal so no requirement for big training days
Storm Trooper Ray

What makes RAYSE THE GAME 360 different?

This programme features videos, stories, games and quizzes to help you learn better. We have split the course into 6 key modules. Our RAYSE THE GAME 360 approach results in students being more motivated, less anxious and more engaged with their studies and learning.

Storm Trooper Ray

What You Get When You Access RAYSE THE GAME 360

130-page workbook

with stories, games, quotes and fun lessons

30 engaging Videos

where each lesson features a video of Ray which reduces the onus on the teacher to teach and means you can focus on facilitating the games and activities.

Teacher Lesson Plan

copies of Appendix I templates to support your planning with units of wellbeing

Teacher Training

which can help each teacher inject fun, creativity and edutainment into their own practice

Access to RAYSE THE GAME Teacher Tribe

to help motivate and support you

Bonus access to MAKING THE MOVE

transition from primary into secondary school programme worth €875

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Week 1


In the first module, students set goals and discover purpose to learn and succeed in school and exams

Week 2


We work on creating the Game Plan For Study Success including the 7 Tactics every student should know before they sit another exam

Week 3


Here we will look at the different types of learner and help your students learn to learn more effectively.

Week 4


We work through the 30-Minute Method showing each student how to learn faster, quicker and better and learn memory techniques so you can remember key information in the exam

Week 5


Features videos of students who have overcome adversity to succeed in school and emphasises the need for strong and positive role models including parents, classmates and peers.

Week 6


Students develop the tools and coping strategies including CBT and Acceptaince and Commitment Therapy to deal with heightened anxiety and stress of homework, clasasroom based assignments and exam pressure.


Making The Move – Transition from Primary to Secondary Programme

His module is highly popular and gives you a framework to help your students start secondary school with confidence.

About Ray Langan

Schools hire Ray because he specialises in EDUTAINMENT. We make education experiential, entertaining and fun for teenagers whilst delivering strong and important messages in a high energy innovative manner. Having worked with teenagers for over a decade, Ray is also an expert at translating for parents the anxieties, motivations and modes of communication of Gen Z (those born after Sept 11, 2001). Ray has a strong track record in the education sector and working with teenagers. Ray is Garda vetted by the IACP. Ray is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist (IACP), Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

Rayse the Game 360

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