The transition to secondary school is critical for success.

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Rayse the Game for 6th Class

  • Foundation – differences between Primary & Secondary e.g. hours, school layout, new friends and exam focus.
  • Thinking & Learning – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Learning, Left (logical) and Right (creative) Brain Thinking.
  • Time Management – how to create a Timetable and a Study Schedule, Homework V Studying – how long to study, creating good habits.
  • SWOT Study System – Learn to Skim & Scan, Select the keyWords, create a One Page Summary (here we create a Mind Map) and Turn the keywords into Stories, Images, Associations and Acronyms (to memorise).

Practical tools

This is a high energy, fun, educational and entertaining workshop designed to give 6th class students insights and strategies to succeed in secondary school. Transitioning successfully from primary to secondary school is paramount to a student’s success. This workshop gives them practical tools such as how to create a study schedule, how to select keywords when reading a chapter in a book, how to make notes and use accelerated learning techniques such as Mind Maps.

High energy event

Ray Langan delivers the programme in a high energy, entertaining and educational manner. The workshop consists of lessons, stories, activities and videos. We also do practical examples so students are constantly engaged. They will be working in pairs and groups so they will be constantly doing an activity. We also play learning games and have a quiz at the end.

About Ray

Ray has been working with schools and in the teenage motivational field for nearly 10 years having delivered programmes to over 30,000 students in over 100 schools. He is an NLP practitioner and currently studying and training as a counsellor and psychotherapist specialising in adolescent behaviour.

Benefits of attending this workshop

Better learning & study skills, increased motivation and resilience, improved note-taking and memory skills, better focus and ability to deal with distractions, increased self-confidence and self-esteem.


Total Time: 80-90 minutes


Our students loved it. They learned how to organise their materials, schedule their time and they know how to study for exams in secondary school.

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