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Helping your child Rayse Their Game

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Entertaining & Informative Talk

This is a highly engaging, informative and positive keynote. The thrust is to help parents create independent young people and develop strategies to step back and allow their children to develop and foster independence. We cover topics such as teen anxiety, social media, exam preparation and how to support your son or daughter in secondary school. Parents come away with a real sense of positivity, empowerment and with lots of ideas of how to support and communicate more effectively with their son/daughter in an ever more complex world.


  • ​46% of teenagers cannot live without their phone and teens are spending 144 minutes daily on their smartphone
  • 60% of teens say social media is making them unhappy
  • 37% of young people between 12 & 17 are builled online
  • 15% of teens experience some form of bullying in school
  • One in four teenagers come from one parent families which puts a lot of pressure on that lone parent
  • 75% of teens worry about body shape
  • One in seven Irish teenagers

What we cover

  • The Mindset of the Modern Teen and the rise of Anxiety in Adolescents
  • How to help your Teen with Anxiety and also deal with Apathy.
  • Study skills in the Age of Distraction and to Rise Your Grades
  • How to deal with Phone, Social Media and Screen Addiction.
  • Top 10 Strategies to Communicate with modern Teens more effectively


Length of Time: 1 hour

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