Learning is
a game.

When you play the game you have fun. When you have fun you learn faster.

I help students, young people and parents improve their grades by making studying fun and creative both offline and online using my Rayse The Game Programme. I am award winning speaker, coach and therapist and I can help you RAYSE YOUR GAME.

Hello! I’m Ray Langan

study skills coach, online educator and teen behavioural expert

I’m a school motivational speaker, online educator, and owner of a private practice based in Rush, North County Dublin. I spent the first twelve years of my career struggling with numbers, exams and not knowing how to study effectively; and I have devoted the last 12 years of my career to learning everything I can about how we learn more effectively, accelerated learning, the psychology of motivation and the science of teen behaviour.

For over a decade, I have been using this knowledge to help teenagers who struggle with study, school and exam performance. I have the privilege of speaking in schools all over the country, from every economic and social background. From first year to leaving cert, high achievers to under achievers, those who struggle with learning challenges, students who are dyslexic, dyspraxic and disadvantaged, I have coached students from every denomination and helped them excel going from D’s to A’s. I helped students in some cases go up by over 100 points (in one case 200 points) in the leaving certificate.

Why are so many young people struggling today

Students and young people are bored. We live in such a fast paced technology driven world that they are bored in school. Nowadays it is hard to sit down and do homework and study when your focus is competing with Social media and Gaming.

Young people also have less patience. We live in such a fast paced world where everything is so available, accessible and downloadable that young people have been conditioned to have everything NOW. Those who can delay gratification will have more success in the long run.

The changing nature of work means that young people are finding it harder to find their place and purpose in the world. The average person works in average of 12-14 jobs now by the time they are 38. Reports suggest that 47% of jobs could disappear in the next 20 years. This is stressful for any millennial.

Today there is more pressure for young people to look and act a certain way. 75% of teens worry about their body shape. Social media and TV shows portray celebrity influencers in a perfect light and young people compare themselves constantly not just with their peer group but with unreasonable online expectations.

The changing nature of the family unit is also having a deep impact on young people. One in four families in Ireland are one parent families which puts extra pressure on that parent from both financial and time perspectives. Also due to the amount of extra risks out there, modern parenting has changed and can in some cases be over-the-top resulting in teens feeling bubble wrapped and over protected.

Ray Langan is an accomplished speaker and coach and delivers programmes on

Rayse the Game

Study Skills & Motivation

Manage myself

Well-being & Self-care for Teachers

T.Y. Unlimited

Transition Year/Goal Setting & Leadership

Game On Game Over

Digital Well-being/Social Media Safety/Cyberbullying

Rayse the Game for Teachers

Teacher motivation

Why I do what I do?

It is my mission to inspire creativity, courage and critical thinking in young people. I want to inspire them to re-discover their love of learning and how learning can be fun. This means that young people who are struggling to self-motivate, have no confidence, suffer from anxiety and use their phone as a means of avoidance can get access to high quality education to develop a growth mindset. This will foster a sense of drive, discipline and self-determination. No more haranguing your teen. No more under achieving in exams. No more wasted time. My principles and methodologies are based on real world experience and supported by scientific research evidence. This is the place to help your son or daughter to RAYSE THEIR GAME.

Work with me

I will help your child improve their grades by making studying
fun and creative.