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Motivational Study Skills Seminars

rayse the game livestream

You can now livestream the RayseTheGame Motivational Study
Skills Seminar and your students can experience it at home

rayse the game livestream

Motivational Study Skills Seminars

You can now livestream the RayseTheGame Motivational Study Skills Seminar and your students can experience it at home

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Rayse the Game

Study Skills & Motivation

Manage Myself

Well-being, Resilience and Self-care

Game On Game Over

Digital Well-being/Social Media Safety/Cyberbullying

Are your students struggling?

No schools, no exams & lack of class-time is hitting students, hard. The academic, emotional and social damage could be severe. Due to lockdown, students will have lost their teachers face-to-face support. Many will have lost the good habits learned in school. Others lack motivation, focus and basic work ethic. Student well-being is paramount. Extra-support is needed. You need an outside voice to lift and motivate them.

Rayse The Game
is ideal for

1st, 2nd and Junior Certicate
5th and Leaving Certificate

Why hire Ray

With over 12 years experience working in the education sector, Ray is a leading expert in his field and has delivered programmes in over 150 schools to nearly 50,000 students.  An award winning speaker, Ray is an Edutainer and delivers educational content in a way that is unique and memorable. He is a qualified Life Coach, NLP practitioner and is currently training as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist.  Ray also went back to do Leaving Cert History achieving an A1 using his unique study system which he shares with your students.

What teachers are saying

If your students are demotivated and need a new approach, give Ray a call. He will get them going. There is something in his programme for every type of student.

Rachel O'Connor

Ramsgrange Community School

Inspiring. Enthusiastic. Very motivational. Thoroughly recommend Ray if you feel your students and staff need a lift.

Eugene O'Brien

Principal Hamilton High School, Cork

What students are saying

Before I didn’t know how to study, but now I know how to effectively study.


Desmond College

I loved the music, the ball game and his enthusiasm which made the seminar fun.


St Caimin's College

The best thing I learned was the Study Gridz for quick note-taking and his quotes around Mindset.


Presentation College, Athenry.

What makes Rayse the Game Different

  1.  High energy
  2.  Motivational
  3.  collaborative
  4.  Practical
  5.  Memorable
  6.  Inclusive
  7.  Online Follow-Up

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Discuss your son or daughters blocking points and challenges.

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The session is 2 hours so we block off a date and put it in the diary.

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Re-ignite your son or daughters future and help them achieve their potential.