TY Unlimited

Transition Year can be a real-life learning laboratory for students to experiment, test and gain experience of real-life skills, experiences and events. TY Unlimited is a unique high energy, engaging, action packed half day or full day programme which gives transition year students a clear focus for the year; and helps them develop their skills, talents and mindset to achieve their goals.

What are the issues for TY’s?

Lack of clear goals, leadership skills, motivation and self-belief are big issues for TY’s. This workshop taps helps bring more self-awareness to the fact that TY is the year to stpe away from their friends an take action to step up, follow through and achieve.
TY’s can drift through the year in ‘doss’ mode and fail to focus. It can knock their momentum and some don’t pick it back up again when they get to senior cycle.
Identifying limiting beliefs, fears, negative mental habits and following the crowd, will help them become more aware of their behaviours and enable them to be make more empowered choices, increase effectiveness and motivate them to unlimited growth in Transition Year.

  • Gain Clarity with Rapid Goal Setting Session and develop a Massive Action Plan for Transition Year.
  • Focus exercise to bring awareness to the obsession with social media and how limiting beliefs are holding them back.
  • Beliefs Exercise to change their Pain to Power and instil motivation to succeed.
  • Identify of Personal Values and use Clarity Chart to hone in on 3 areas to serve, 3 skills to develop and 3 ways to socially interact better.
  • DISC Profiling exercises to help students get a better understanding of themselves and why they do what they do.
  • Leadership exercise to identify core strengths and leadership skills required to enable students to step up.
  • Guided Visualisation and Mindfulness Meditation to consolidate learnings and accelerate achievement.

Benefits of attending this workshop include

Increased focus, increased self-confidence, more self awareness and leadership skills, better planned and direction for transition year, better ability to make better choices and get involved in a transition year, becoming more empowered and motivated.

How long is the seminar?

Total Time: 2 or 3 hours

This seminar had a big impact. The boys came away with a sense of direction, enthusiasm and purpose.

Aaron Copeland

St Michaels College

Why Ray

The course consists of lessons, stories, activities, exercises, videos and is delivered personally by Ray Langan in a one-man show style interactive event. Ray has been working in the teenage motivational field for nearly 10 years personal and has personally delivered over 1,000 seminars to over 50,000 secondary school students and is seen as being top of field in the Youth Speaker Arena. He is an NLP practitioner and currently studying and training as a counsellor and psychotherapist focusing on adolescent behaviour. His unique combination of humour, passion, insights and stories enable him to deliver a high value learning event that your students will remember.

Work with me

I will help your child improve their grades by making studying
fun and creative.