Manage myself

An Onsite Well-being Seminar for Your Team

Issues for Teachers and Management

  1. Excessive workload and day-to-day Stress 
  2. Increased workload and overwhelm
  3. Unrealistic and heightened expectations from Department, Parents and Exam Performance
  4. Dealing with social issues from students and parents
  5. Anxiety and Burnout
  6. Low morale, lack of teamwork and dealing with toxic personalities both in and out of the classroom and staff room
  7. Not taking responsibility, lack of initiative and avoidance

Manage Myself is a reflective, engaging, entertaining workshop which helps teachers re-energise, reinvigorate and re-motivate themselves to be able to cope with more pressure from school, students and day-to-day life.

This programme fosters an increased sense of personal leadership, responsibility and co-operation with other members of staff, students and the school community.

Highly recommended

Eugene O’Brien

Principal, Hamilton High School Cork

Manage Myself Seminar Description

  1. Manage my Day – identification of my daily stressors and how to overcome stress.
  2. Manage my Time – how cope with overload, manage tasks and save at least 2 hours per day.
  3. Manage other People & Students – communication tools to deal with difficult students and staff
  4. Manage my Schedule – how to deal with unrealistic workload and plan out my week to reduce overload
  5. Manage Myself – strategies such as the Miracle Morning to start each day in an unbeatable attitude, positive frame of mind and foster ongoing emotional and physical health.
  6. Manage My Future – how to reinvigorate your sense of purpose and replenish your sense of drive in the class, staff room and towards your staff, students and parents

Benefits of attending this workshop include

  • happier and healthier teachers
  • increased motivation and energy
  • improved sense of well-being
  • higher levels of personal responsibility
  • ability to self-manage and handle anxiety
  • becoming less emotionally reactive
  • better communication, teamwork and collaboration with other staff, students and parents



  • Large hall theatre style
  • CPD/Croke Park Hours


1,2 or 3 hours

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