1-2-1 study skills

coaching with your teen

Is your son or daughter struggling?

  • Do they NOT know how to study?
  • Are they having difficulty applying themselves?
  • Do they not realise that they have to work to achieve in exams?
  • Are they lazy?
  • Are they not engaged in their school work?
  • Have they no focus or concentration?
  • Are they tired of listening to you and you need an outside voice to intervene?
  • Have they no confidence or belief in themselves?
  • Do they freeze in exams?
  • Do they find school and study boring?
  • Are they working hard but not getting the results they deserve?
  • Are they falling in with the wrong crowd?
  • Do they need some guidance on their future direction and/or career?

Call Ray

Discuss your son or daughters blocking points and challenges.

Agree date

The session is 2 hours so we block off a date and put it in the diary.

Enjoy the Session

Re-ignite your son or daughters future and help them achieve their potential.

What is Exam Boost Study Skills Coaching

Exams can be very stressful. You need a Game Plan. You need strategy. You need a system. You need to plan.

I have helped students go up by over 100 points and go from D’s to A’s by showing them the tools and strategies of effective study. These results are very possible – I believe every student has that potential.

What we cover

1. Study Planning

How to create an effective study schedule to maximise your child’s effectiveness in the exams.

2. Study System

I show them exactly how to study more effectively including mind maps, memory techniques and speed reading.

3. Exam Strategy

Here we look at each subject and plot out a strategy to help your son or daughter perform optimally. Being familar with each exam paper is essential.Time management is a big issue here.

4. Stress Management

I show them some strategies to help them manage exam nerves and cope with stress better so they can perform better.

Next Steps

Deciding to a book a study skills coaching session is an important decision. I want to make this process as easy as possible for you. Contact me either by phone, email or send me a message through the contact page. I am happy to answer any query you might have.

If you would like an in-depth discussion, you can avail of a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss where your son or daughter is at.


  • Discuss where you son or daughter is at and any learning issue they are having
  • Ask any questions you have about the format of the coaching
  • Discuss logistics and travel arrangements

Follow Up Coaching

Some students and parents like to have a form of follow up and accountability to ensure the plan is being put into place. please talk to me if you wish to avail of this option.

Work with me

Talk to Ray and tell us your No 1 struggle with your Teen.

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