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Making The Move

Transition from Primary to
Secondary School Programme

Help your child overcome the anxiety of starting secondary school, getting overwhelmed by homework and study, and making new friends.

After this class you and your child will be able to:

  • Cope with the anxiety of transitioning from primary to secondary School
  • Deal with the worry of moving into a new environment and facing the unknown
  • Get ahead of the curve planning for secondary school
  • Start a successful study habit and perform in exams using Ray Langan’s proven methodologies
  • Manage their time effectively including homework, study and still play sports, play an instrument, dance and have time for friends and family.
Making the Move

About Ray’s Class

Delivered through Zoom in a Livestream event or it can accessed on video afterwards, this is lively interactive workshop. Each student will learn a step-by-step framework (the Game Plan) to help students overcome the challenges of the big transition from primary to secondary school. This programme covers key areas such as making new friends, relationship building, organisation skills, managing homework, studying for a test, dealing with exam stress, managing screen-time and creating a strong morning routine.

This class will help you and your child:

  1. Understand the differences between primary and secondary school
  2. Make new friends and deal with the anxiety of starting in secondary school
  3. Create a timetable and structure your week
  4. Manage the workload, differentiate between homework and study; and develop a good study routine
  5. Find out what type of learner you are, and the different study techniques associated with each type of learner
  6. Learn Ray’s practical powerful 30-Minute Study System giving you framework to bring a topic from textbook to notebook quickly and easily
  7. Create powerful notes and one-page summaries using Ray’s innovative note-taking technique called StudyGridZ
  8. Deal with distractions, ‘ditch the phone and get into the zone’ and take control of their time, space and schedule resulting in less stress and improved well-being.

What do you get:

  • Access to the Livestream Workshop
  • Pdf Download including timetable and study system
  • Direct access to Ray to ask questions
  • Bonus: Access to Ray’s new Well-being Programme called Manage Myself
  • Bonus: Parents Pep Talk giving parents strategies, tools and techniques to help your child adjust to secondary school

Who is Ray

Ray Langan is one of the most popular speakers in Irish Secondary Schools. He’s a well-known study skills coach, school motivational speaker and therapist specialising in teenage behaviour. Since launching his landmark motivational study skills programme RayseTheGame in 2017, Ray has spoken in over 130 schools to over 30,000 students. Specialising in Edutainment, he makes education entertaining, educational and fun for young people.

Key Strategies to increase energy

Why would you be crazy not to sign-up?

This year above all years has presented so many challenges for students – not finishing primary properly, missing out on graduation, missing out on confirmation, being separated from peers and lack of contact from school. This has resulted in parents and young people being anxious about the unknown of transitioning from primary to secondary school. Ray Langan’s Making The Move gives parents and their children a framework to deal with these issues, get ahead of the curve and start secondary school in a positive way.

How does it work?

When you sign up you will receive a ticket for the online class. You will then receive an invite to attend the class via Zoom link. You will also receive a download pack in advance of the class. If for some reason you cannot access the class, you can view the programme a later stage (you will be sent to link in an email).

Who is this for:

6th class students and their parents.

Can you watch it together?

Yes I encourage both parents and student to watch and participate in the programme together.

How long is the class?

Livestream 1 Hour
Well-being Programme (30 minute on demand access)
Parents Pep Talk  (30 minute on demand access)